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Specialists in Medical Clinic Cleaning in Sydney

With over 23 years of professional cleaning experience, Evolve Cleaning is your most trusted medical cleaners in Sydney. Our level of expertise and competence in the medical clinic goes beyond just a cleaning service.

We ensure that every detail is taken care of remarkably to the greatest degree to ensure that your medical practice quality control is thoroughly met to prevent the spread of viruses, pathogens, infections, germs and bacteria.

We offer the highest quality of medical cleaning services that covers any medical practitioner including dental offices, hospitals, pharmacies, health care clinics, medical labs and offices for doctors and nurses. Our tailor-made medical services are catered specifically for your medical facility to best evaluate and minimise the level of contaminants. We track, monitor, evaluate and report the level of pollution in the air to ensure that your medical centre is safe at all times.

Why Choose Evolve for Medical Cleaning?

The qualified team from Evolve Cleaning are more than capable of providing superior cleaning services to ensure compliance with cleaning standards in medical clinics. We adhere closely to the strict rules and regulations set out by The New South Wales Ministry of Health and constantly monitor the level of cleanliness and contaminant in the air.

Our sanitisers and disinfectant cleaning products are specially graded and approved to be used in hospitals and medical practices across Sydney. The Evolve Cleaning team of specially trained medical cleaners has the expertise in safe and proper disposal of medical waste that complies with the strict health rules to ensure the safety of and protection of patients, visitors and medical staff.

Evolve Cleaning Medical Clinic Cleaning Services

At Evolve Cleaning, we provide unique and customised medical cleaning services that will meet and exceed the safety and cleanliness for your patients, guests and medical workers. Our medical cleaning services will specifically target the following areas:

Here's What Other Sydney Businesses Have To Say

Open Quote TestimonialI have been the employer of Evolve Cleaning Services for a year now and have found them to be excellent in their provision of cleaning services. The standard of cleaning has been excellent with Yaz and his team lifting our bathrooms and floors to a new level of cleanliness, that we can be proud of. It is without hesitation that I recommend Evolve Cleaning Services to any prospective employer as a high quality cleaning business that meets the needs of modern cleaning standards.Close Quote Testimonial

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Why Evolve Cleaning is the Preferred Choice for Medical Centres

Office cleaning experience in SydneyFurniture
We’ll make sure that all your tables, chairs, desks, displays are completely clean. We know this is especially important in maintaining a high level of cleanliness to prevent the spread of bacteria and illness.
Household carpet cleaningFloors
Marble, concrete, tile, timber, carpet, we are highly capable of dealing with all floor surfaces to ensure that it is presentable. We use safe yet effective cleaning products to remove even the toughest of stains and grimes.
Office waste disposalBins
Regular emptying of the bins is a must in medical clinics. These foul-smelling and potentially hazardous waste can have an impact on patients and guests. Keeping a clean and fresh bin is one of the many duties required to comply with the safety standards set out by The New South Wales Ministry of Health.
Strata cleaning in SydneyAdditional Cleaning
Our services extend beyond what is written down and tailor according to your needs. We understand that medical centres can often be very messy and unhygienic and therefore require extra cleaning tasks to get the job done. We are happy to discuss about your special cleaning requests.

The Industry Standard for Medical Clinics in Sydney

Whether you need monthly medical cleaning or a detailed daily clean for your medical centre, Evolve Cleaning can provide you with premium and affordable service that you can rely on. We custom tailor our medical cleaning to provide you with a personalised and meticulous clean consistently. There is no medical cleaning job that we can’t do. Simply fill in the form below and arrange a suitable time to meet with you and inspect your centre. We’ll take the time to get to know you and your medical clinic personally so that we can meet all your cleaning needs. This is just one of Evolve Cleaning’s highly desirable services.