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Not sure which carpet cleaning method is the best for your commercial floor? Take a look at the pros and cons of each technique to see which is right for you!

Carpet cleaning isn’t just about removing dirt and stain from your floor. It helps to sanitise your commercial space and prolong the longevity and performance of your carpet. Maintaining a healthy carpet is imperative in a professional workplace. It is a direct reflection of the company itself and goes a long way to establish a good rapport with clients and visitors.

Picking the right method of carpet cleaning isn’t the easiest thing to do. Especially if you are always occupied with more important business. Carpet cleaning can be broken down into 2 categories; wet or dry cleaning.

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Essentially, there are 5 main carpet cleaning methods that professional cleaning companies use to renew your commercial carpet.


Dry Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning focuses primarily on the surface of the carpet to easily remove lightly soiled dirt and grime. It is a technique that has gained popularity due to its convenience and cost-effective cleaning method.

The process involves an organic cleaning product, detergent, some safe solvent and a little bit of water. The solution is then placed on top of the carpet to absorb the surface dirt and soil which is then later vacuumed out.

Although it is not considered a deep clean, it is effective as a maintenance cleaning procedure to keep your carpet fresh.


Good for commercial spaces that:



Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is a form of dry cleaning. It adopts the same methods as the dry cleaning in that it is quick, light and only tackles the surface stain and grime. However, it is different in its approach because instead of vacuuming the chemical solution, it is brushed/rubbed off with a dry absorbent pad or ‘bonnet’.

The bonnet is rotated using a floor machine to disturb the dust and dirt in the carpet fibres. This method is unsuitable if used on the wrong type of carpet and can damage the carpet fibres.

Like the dry cleaning method, it is a good routine for light carpet maintenance but not for a full carpet clean.




Shampoo Cleaning

This technique was widely popular until the method of encapsulation (which we will take a look at next) became available in the 70’s. Carpet shampooing is a great way to completely penetrate the deep down the fibres to tackle heavily soiled carpets.

However, unlike dry cleaning and bonnet cleaning, this method leaves behind a saturated carpet in the form of wet chemicals to dry. Because it is heavily soaked, this technique takes a tremendous amount of time to dry which allows it to become vulnerable to dirt and residues to be collected.




Encapsulation Cleaning

The encapsulation cleaning method has shown to be more favourable than shampoo cleaning. This is because the process involves less water which allows for faster drying time. Furthermore, the foam that is left in the carpet is vacuumed away to reveal a cleaner carpet result.

It also removes the chance of the carpet being quickly re-soiled again due to the residues left behind collecting dirt. It is a more environmentally-friendly approach since it does not leave as much chemical compound behind after cleaning.

Even though encapsulation cleaning has proven to be a good method of carpet cleaning, it is still limited in thoroughly cleaning heavily soiled commercial carpets due to its limitations in technology.




Professional Steam Cleaning

We have saved the best for last. As known as hot water extraction cleaning, the professional steam cleaning method is widely popularised and effective in removing stubborn grime and dirt deep in the carpet fibres.

The process involves preconditioning cleaning solution that is applied to dissolve any soil and oil stains. It is then blasted with high-pressure water that has been heated beyond boiling point temperature. It is an effective technique to dislodge tough dirt, dust and stain that cannot be removed by normal procedures. The method finishes with a deep vacuum to remove the dirt and allergens that have been separated from the carpet fibres.

Professional steam cleaning is a much safer method of commercial carpet cleaning for children, people, customers and pets to walk on as it is not as harsh as using cleaning chemical solutions. It normally takes a few hours for a typical commercial space to dry after cleaning. It is recommended that the cleaning process is scheduled in the afternoon to allow the carpet to dry overnight and normal business operation can resume the next day.

It is easy to see that hot water extraction/professional steam cleaning is superior to the other cleaning methods used by cleaning companies. For a deep and thorough commercial carpet clean, professional steam cleaning offers perfect result for all types of carpets and rugs each and every time.




With Evolve Cleaning, you will be happy to know that we provide our clients with professional steam cleaning to completely eliminate dirt and grime deep down inside your commercial carpets. We are fully equipped with the latest and modern cleaning machines to provide you with superior carpet cleaning results.

See the difference in your commercial carpet cleaning with Evolve Cleaning today!

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