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Children are fragile and need extra care and attention. Their immune system is not fully developed therefore they can easily contract communicable diseases and common colds. A childcare centre should be clean, well maintained and often disinfected to ensure children do not fall sick. The staff should also be well trained to be good role models for the children.

Children learn by seeing what others are doing. If they see adults washing hands, they too will wash hands before meals and after visiting the toilet. Healthy children are active and fully engaged. On the other hand, unhealthy children are weak, moody and disengaged. These are the top reasons why a clean childcare centre improves children engagement.


Children will be fully engaged in an environment that has no possible harm. A clean childcare centre means there are no wet floors, unsafe electric sockets or dirty washrooms. Therefore, children can easily play without fear of falling or being harmed. Safety also means that food is well prepared in a safe environment. This will reduce the risk of food poisoning. Food that is well prepared will provide kids with enough energy to help them concentrate, play and remain fully engaged throughout the day. Healthy food will also provide the required nutrients for the children’s development and growth.


Germs, bacteria and illnesses can easily spread throughout in a childcare centre. Surfaces within the centre; floors, walls, toys, books and tabletops, can harbour germs and other organisms that cause diseases. Therefore, it is important to ensure the childcare centre is clean throughout to create a safer and healthier environment. A healthier environment is conducive for kids to exploit their potential and be fully engaged in the program and activities of the centre.

How to keep the childcare clean to enhance children engagement

Hand washing

Hand washing should be done frequently in a childcare centre. It should not only be done before meals, after visiting the washroom but also children should be encouraged to wash hands once they get to the centre. Kids should also be taught to wash hands after wiping a running nose and between activities. Additionally, staff at the childcare centre should also wash and sanitise their hands throughout the day and most importantly after changing diapers.

Choose safe cleaning products

Children’s skin is vulnerable to chemical exposure. Therefore it is important to read all the labels of the cleaning products used to clean a childcare centre to avoid exposing toxic substances to children. Products chosen to disinfect and clean surfaces should be approved and tried before using them to clean toys and surfaces in a childcare centre. However, to wash hands, simple water and soap is sufficient.

Clean toys

Toys are the biggest culprit to spreading germs in a childcare centre. Toys should be cleaned and carefully disinfected every day. Toys that kids place in the mouth should be set aside to minimise the risks of spreading germs.

Adhere to standards of cleaning and disinfection

There are standards and regulations set by the state that each childcare centre should adhere to. Generally, each childcare is expected to sanitise areas where food is prepared, places where dippers are changed from and bathrooms. Food should also be well cleaned and well prepared. However, cleaning and sanitising is required to be done more often and throughout the centre.

A clean play area is not only safe for the kids but also for the staff. A healthy environment will promote children social, physical and mental wellbeing. This will in turn affect how the child interacts with other children and staff at the childcare centre. It will also affect how the child engages with the programs and activities facilitated at the centre.

Cleaning a childcare centre can be tiresome. This is because it requires frequent and careful cleaning process. For cleaning services, consider a company with over 20 years of experience in cleaning, Evolve Cleaning. Evolve Cleaning is a company that employs strict cleaning policies to ensure superb results for educational centres and commercial spaces. The company is also known to use cleaning products that are safe and reputable to ensure the building is clean and safe for everyone.

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Jennifer Price

Jennifer Price

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