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Keeping a child care facility clean is not only vital for their safety and health but their well-being as well. High touch surfaces and shared items can be huge sources of germs as well as for the spread of infections. On most occasions, child care facilities are filled with lots of items that aid the spread of germs.

Dirty toys, beddings, eating utensils, lines as well as other unclean surfaces such as countertops, elevator buttons, computer keyboard and door knobs can carry and spread germs and bacteria. These items and surfaces can easily become contaminated by germs, bacteria and viruses which can easily spread from one child to another. This implies that regular and adequate cleaning should always be a priority in any child care setting.

Why do infections spread so rapidly in child care settings?

First and foremost, it is imperative to note that young children have inborn behavioural habits such as lack of good personal hygiene, the urge for interpersonal contact and increased curiosity. All these, coupled with immature physical activity, can significantly contribute to the spread of germs and infections.

Equally, it should be noted that a significant number of these child care centres employ caregivers who do not have adequate and appropriate hygiene training for avoiding the spread of infections and diseases. It is unfortunate that these centres have incredibly high turnover rates of workers hence are unable to offer continuous training of these simple but critical cleaning practices.

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How can child care centres limit the spread of germs and infections?

Typically, there are a couple of effective measures that these centres can embrace to reduce both the severity and incidence rates of infections. They include:

Frequent hand washing

This is not only essential for the kids, but for the caregivers as well. Research has proven that proper hand washing is arguably the best way to curb the spread of infections in child care settings. The best option is to use automatic faucets which are relatively expensive but offer amazing benefits.

Proper food storage

Food storage areas should be tidy. What’s more, breast milk and other high perishables should be refrigerated.

Proper preparation of food

Did you know that cracked or damaged surfaces offer microbes with safe havens to stay? Kids should also be discouraged against sharing foods or drinks. Finally, food preparation shouldn’t be carried out near diaper changing zones.

Clean potties and diaper changing zones

It is highly recommended that diaper areas must be cleaned using diluted bleach solutions. The use of disposable latex gloves and proper sanitation are equally important ways of preventing the spread of germs and infections.

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What is the importance of cleaning at a childcare?

It helps to protect the health of kids and the staff

As we previously mentioned, the environment of kid centres can be germ-fest because of the nature of the working environment. The kids and the caregivers are confined in one area and this implies that infectious diseases can spread so easily. As you may have seen, there are often lots of activities that take place inside child centres. The workers alone may not be able to oversee an effective cleaning program.

Simply put, hiring a reputable cleaning service provider should be your best bet toward having a clean daycare centre. If you didn’t know, cleaning companies have the relevant knowledge, experience as well as the necessary tools ideal for fulfilling the requirements of having a clean and sound child care centre.

It ensures the surfaces and floors are clean at all times

When it comes to spreading of germs, diseases and infections, the floor is often the biggest culprit. This is because young children do almost all their playing activities on the floor. As a result, child care service providers should have the necessary knowledge to identify and sanitize the hot spots for germs and microbes.

It is good for your business

Did you know that studies tend to show that most parents will always choose a child care provider based on its ability to keep their kids safe and free from all sorts of dangers? No parent would want to enrol her/his kid in a facility full of germs, infections and diseases. This only means that to give yourself a competitive edge over other kid care providers, your facility must implement and demonstrate good hygiene practices to minimise the spread of germs and infections.

To be more precise, the success of your child care facility largely depends on the level of cleanliness and hygiene you’ve put in place. So do your due diligence and ensure your facility is cleaned and maintained at all times. A reliable cleaning company that can provide safe child care cleaning services should always be considered.

It gives parents the much-needed peace of mind

There is no parent who would want her kid to be brought up in a dirty and unhealthy environment. By ensuring that your care centre is tidy, clean and free of infections, you’d be giving parents the confidence that their precious kids are residing in a place where they are free of infections.

Proper hygiene in any child care centre should be considered a critical part of the daily operations. With so many kids sharing space and some items, the risk of a sickness spreading can be very high. Even though hygiene practices can limit the spread of germs, these things can only be contained when you hire a reputable cleaning firm such as Evolve Cleaning to help handle the mess.

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