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With the normal 9 to 5 job, healthy eating is a luxury. In fact, you might be so overwhelmed with your work to an extent that you might be forced to forego your meals.

Between pastry-loaded breakfast, meetings and pizza parties, maintaining a healthy office diet can be hard. I tend to find it harder to stay committed to a strict diet plan while at work because some colleagues have a habit of offering to share their meals with me and saying no is not easy.

If you are looking for ways to eating healthy while working in the office, here are tips to help you get started.

1. Eat breakfast at home

Breakfast is an important meal and skipping it can ruin your day at work. Eating a healthy breakfast provides you with the much-needed energy for the body to function optimally at the start of a busy day. If you skip your breakfast, you might experience hunger pangs which will force you to eat unhealthy food.

Therefore, ensure that you eat a healthy breakfast prepared at home. I insist on breakfast that is prepared at home because most breakfast foods that are sold elsewhere are usually fattening and not nutritious.

2. Reduce your coffee intake

In most workplaces, coffee is the most served and consumed beverage. This is attributed to the high caffeine that keeps people alert and active. As much as it keeps you energised and alert, too much caffeine can be harmful to your health. Since it is consumed with sugar and cream, it is high in calories. With its addictive nature, you might find it hard to cut it once you start drinking it on a regular basis. Therefore, avoid taking it in totality or start reducing your intake.

3. Drink more water

Water has a lot of benefits to your overall health. Drinking water while at work will help in keeping your hydrated, it will enable to keep your mouth fresh and above all, help you overcome hunger pangs. When you feel hungry simply drink a glass of water and the craving will go away.

4. Avoid snacks and small meals

Snacks are used to provide nourishment to the body while you work. Unfortunately, today’s snacks are full of unhealthy ingredients. If you have to eat a snack between meals, ensure that it is something you have prepared yourself or salad. This way you will know what you are eating and be sure that it is something healthy.

5. Eat a healthy lunch

A good number of restaurants offer delicious salad options and eating salad for lunch can be a great way to eat healthy while at work. Alternatively, you can bring your own lunch from home. Your lunch should include vegetables, whole grains, and low-sodium meats.

If you do not eat healthy while working, you might fail to perform your duties at work and it can lead to increase in weight.

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Jennifer Price

Jennifer Price

Jennifer Price is the Client Happiness Manager at Evolve Cleaning. She dedicates herself to managing healthy business relationships while prioritising her client's commercial cleaning interests are met with each and every clean. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, she lives and breathes cleanliness, hygiene, sustainability and has a huge love for dogs.