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Ever wanted that mirror finish look on your floors? Evolve Cleaning Sydney will show you step by step how to make those floors look shiny and sparkling for a long time and makes it easy to maintain in the future.

Step 1

Check the floors measurement and you will know how much stripper and sealer is required normally a 5-litre bottle is enough you have to give the floor a thorough vacuum before applying any chemicals then use a new mop head to wash the floors.

Step 2

Ensure there is good air flow and ventilation in your working area so the floors can dry quickly and make applying the next coat easy and fast.

Step 3

To start any sealer you need to purchase stripper, it’s a solid floor cleaner that removes all soils and dirt and build up use with hot water and apply into bucket and water start moping all sections of floors that’s required to be sealed start by spreading the sealer around and give the floor a good machine scrub with a buffer it will get into those hard to reach places and will clean those floors with motor brush it’s a good way to clean the floors.

Step 4

Once all the floors have been vacuumed and mopped and cleaned make sure the floor is dry and ready to apply sealer. There are all different types of sealer always pick the best suited chemical for the floor you are doing when ready apply the sealer into a mop bucket always use a new mop head when applying sealer, dip the mop head into the bucket and dry it off apply the sealer just like your going to mop the floor, cover all floor area so don’t get any patches once dry apply as many coats as you want to get a more shiny look, normal process is 3-6 coats.

So if you looking for that new shiny floor for your office Evolve Cleaning can help you with a free initial quote and inspection check out the photos of the shiny floor done by Evolve Cleaning Sydney for our client’s new office in Sydney.

Evolve Cleaning offer a wide range of cleaning services to suit your budget we clean any job sizes from small to large we know dealing with us will be a refreshing change.

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Jennifer Price

Jennifer Price

Jennifer Price is the Client Happiness Manager at Evolve Cleaning. She dedicates herself to managing healthy business relationships while prioritising her client's commercial cleaning interests are met with each and every clean. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, she lives and breathes cleanliness, hygiene, sustainability and has a huge love for dogs.