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Shopping malls or retail stores receive a large amount of foot traffic. People visit the malls to dine, shop, grocery and more. In consideration of your customers or guests, the management should take the responsibility for the overall safety and security of their shoppers. 

One of the most effective ways of keeping your shoppers’ safety and security is by providing them with a clean and organised environment. Maintaining the overall appearance of the shopping centre can be quite difficult as it covers a huge area. However, if you have a clear understanding of what and where to focus your cleaning, it will significantly save your cleaning staff the time and energy. 

Learn what are the shopping centre’s basic cleaning tips to avoid stressing and overwhelming your cleaning staff. The checklist will help you focus on the most important areas that require your attention.

Basic Shopping Centre Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning and disinfecting a shopping centre can be challenging and quite a handful since it has a vast area to cover. Also, now that people are preparing for the festive month, it can be tricky and difficult. However, let’s make the most tedious and demanding task easier with these basic shopping mall cleaning tips.

The purpose of this shopping centre cleaning checklist will provide your cleaning staff with the idea of where to focus their work.

Shopping centre floors

From the entrance to the exit and even the washroom, the floor is the most challenging cleaning task you will ever face in a shopping mall. And this only means that the floor requires frequent attention in cleaning. Also, you have to keep in mind that the floors get wet and slippery at times. So, you have to ensure the floor is safe for your customers.

Mats on all entry and exit points

Maximise the use of mats on all entry and exit point of the shopping mall. This will significantly eliminate a huge amount of dust particles and other debris that will come inside the mall. Also, it will prevent the spread of contaminants from when the customer comes into the establishment. This will help reduce your effort in cleaning as well.

Washroom or restroom

Next to the shopping centre’s floor is the washroom or restroom. Clearly, for obvious reason, restrooms are the most frequented and considered as high traffic area in the entire shopping centre. If this area is not maintained properly, it’s either it produces an unpleasant smell or can spread disease-causing germs.

Ensure the overall appearance

Maintaining the cleanliness of the entire shopping centre is demanding. However, by understanding where and when to focus your effort will prevent your cleaning staff from the overwhelming task. Put their energy where it is needed.


Shopping centres receive a high rate of foot traffic. With this consideration in mind, shopping centre owner or manager should consider employing a reliable commercial cleaning service provider in Sydney. A shopping centre has a unique cleaning requirement. To meet its cleaning standards, get a professional to clean and sanitise it for you.

Maintaining your business establishment in its optimal condition emits safety and security from your customers and even your employees. So, entrust your retail stores or shopping malls to professional retail cleaning service provider. 

More importantly, as the people are moving out from confinement due to the pandemic crisis–people will mostly flock the shopping malls. With such a high rate of foot traffic, your shopping mall requires frequent cleaning and sanitation. 

Get your store maintained in its high-quality cleaning standards by a team of professional commercial cleaners in Sydney.

Trustworthy Commercial Cleaning Service Provider in Sydney

Evolve Cleaning has been in the commercial cleaning industry for more than 20+ years delivering high-quality cleaning standards. You can depend on our professional commercial cleaners to accommodate all types of cleaning jobs even the most demanding task. 

Connect with us today and let us know what type of commercial cleaning services you need. You can also fill-up the form we have provided on our website for easier access. Evolve Cleaning is Sydney’s most trusted commercial cleaning company. We assure you that we can provide solutions to all your cleaning problems.

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Jennifer Price

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