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23 years in Commercial Cleaning
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Will Commercial Cleaning be automated in the Future?

automated floor vacuum

From delivery drones, driverless cars to video bank tellers and self-checkout lanes, digital technology and automation advances are becoming part of our lives. These technologies have become a significant part of major industries such as agriculture, mining and in almost every other part of our lives. While these technological advancements have been slow in making […]

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What is Commercial Cleaning and What is Domestic Cleaning?

commercial maid

When it comes to commercial cleaning, we normally think about something a notch higher than domestic cleaning. Whether you’re thinking about hiring a commercial or domestic cleaner, you may want to understand how these two methods are of importance. While commercial cleaning is designed for large commercial buildings and public spaces, domestic cleaning techniques are […]

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How Often Should Your Office be Cleaned?

cleaner with slippery floor sign

For the vast majority of us, the office acts as our second home as we spend most of our time there; probably much more than in our own homes. The need to keep the office clean is more important than ever. Not only do you need to work in a clean and healthy environment but […]

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Which is Better for your Office: Hand Dryers or Hand Towels?

office hand dryer

It’s an age-old debate: which one is better between hand dryers and hand towels? This heated debate has been ongoing since mankind discovered some electronic gizmo that can blow lukewarm air on your wet hands after using the washrooms. The reason for such heated debate is obvious: paper towel manufacturers and dryer manufacturers look to […]

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Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaning – Why It’s Important

set of washing product

Eco-friendly commercial cleaning is a trend that is certainly on the rise. Unfortunately, very few property owners are yet to embrace this concept, partly due to lack of sufficient information. Well, if you a property owner and you care about the welfare of the environment, it is time you join the green cleaning bandwagon. Read […]

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10 Surprising Statistics in the Commercial Cleaning Industry

commercial cleaner

The commercial cleaning industry in Australia has undergone significant upheavals in the past decade. Many businesses are trying to get a firm foothold in the marketplace and carve out a niche in the highly competitive business climate. Although there are many commercial cleaning companies, it is still very possible for a new enterprise to enter […]

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Why a Clean Childcare Centre Improves Children Engagement

children colouring

Children are fragile and need extra care and attention. Their immune system is not fully developed therefore they can easily contract communicable diseases and common colds. A childcare centre should be clean, well maintained and often disinfected to ensure children do not fall sick. The staff should also be well trained to be good role […]

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10 Surprising Facts About Office Kitchens

businessman having lunch in the office kitchen

The office kitchen is an important space for every office. People gather here to make a cup of coffee, tea or grab a bite which serves as a break from their busy schedule. Many offices have a shared kitchen which means most of the time they share utensils and crockery. On the other hand, most […]

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How The Office Environment has Changed Over the Last 20 years

modern office

Many things have changed over the last twenty years. One of the biggest contributor to these shifts is the advancement of technology. A fact is the environment is bound to change as human beings create better ways of doing things. The shifts that have occurred in the last twenty years have greatly affected the office […]

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Dust Mites in the Office

Woman holding a cleaning agent

The thought of dust mites sharing some space with you right in your office might be traumatising and petrifying at the same time. Can you just imagine these tiny creatures crawling on your skin and causing unbearable discomfort especially when in the middle of a very important discussion with your clients or staff members? That […]

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