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8 Most Overlooked Cleaning Areas in Offices

cleaning tiles

Most offices are cleaned often, if not daily, the floor is mopped, desktops are wiped, countertops in the kitchen are sanitised and cleaned, utensils are not left on desks, a clean kitchen sink, well organised cabinets and many more. However, there are some areas in the office that are covered with dust, dirt, grime and […]

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Choosing the Right Strata Cleaning Company in Sydney

strata building

Strata cleanliness means a lot to both the tenants, managers and the proprietors. It is what defines the health of the occupants and reputation of the residential spaces. However, with a huge number of strata cleaning providers in Sydney, you may find yourself in crossroads when it comes to choosing the right cleaning company for your […]

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Difference Between Strata Cleaning and Domestic Cleaning

woman with cleaning products

Strata buildings are growing in popularity because they are an effective way of providing commercial space and urban housing. Strata buildings enable people to share some common spaces such as lobbies, car parks, lifts, garbage bins and rooms, staircases, fire exits, entranceways, among others. They are cost effective compared to domestic buildings because they allow […]

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Bathroom Mould: What Causes it & How to Prevent it

bathroom sinks

Moulds is one of the most common problems in most bathroom. However, it is also the easiest to prevent and control as long as it is noted and controlled early. If you think there are no moulds, then check in the hidden areas of your bathroom, under the sink and crevices. Moulds develop easily in […]

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8 Benefits of Having Indoor Office Plants

indoor plant on table

Environmental psychologists will tell you that plants make any space attractive. But apart from their beauty, they offer many health benefits, especially when used as decorative items in homes and offices. Studies suggest that indoor plants reduce stress, increase productivity and enhance the feeling of wellbeing. Perhaps, you already know that being closer to greeneries […]

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20 Organising Tricks for the Perfect Office

folders on table

You might think that you do not have the time to organise your workspace but if you knew how much time and money being unorganised can cost you, you would reconsider that. At Evolve Cleaning, we believe that the task of organising your office should not be hard and should take less time. Use the […]

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Why Office Reception and Entrance Cleaning Matters

reception desk

Many people will tell you that judging a book by its cover is bad, but when it comes to small businesses, the first impression is important. Regardless of the type of business you run, the opinion of customers on it will start when they step near the front door. If your workspace is welcoming, you […]

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Prevent Problems with Our Data Centre Cleaning Services

network sever room data centre

Data centre cleaning is different from any other type of cleaning. Data centres are known for storing and running large volumes of data. If compromised, it can result in expensive downtime for the clients. Invisible metallic whiskers and dust particles can infiltrate the delicate equipment and bring the whole system to a standstill. Read More

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Why your Office Leather Furniture Needs Professional Commercial Cleaning

office leather sofa

A piece of office furniture that’s truly clean is a source of inspiration in your workplace. However, the elegant and the timeless look on your office leather furniture can be ruined by the ingrained dirt that seems to linger even after you’ve cleaned your furniture. How do you achieve that stunning look at your office […]

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11 Office Areas that Needs Daily Cleaning

empty chairs around meeting room table

As an employee or a business owner, cleanliness is the first thing that strikes your mind the moment you step into any office. Regular office cleaning generally keeps the employees happy and motivated. It improves productivity while at the same time reducing absentees. In as much as you may not necessarily be able to clean […]

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