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How The Office Environment has Changed Over the Last 20 years

modern office

Many things have changed over the last twenty years. One of the biggest contributor to these shifts is the advancement of technology. A fact is the environment is bound to change as human beings create better ways of doing things. The shifts that have occurred in the last twenty years have greatly affected the office […]

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Dust Mites in the Office

Woman holding a cleaning agent

The thought of dust mites sharing some space with you right in your office might be traumatising and petrifying at the same time. Can you just imagine these tiny creatures crawling on your skin and causing unbearable discomfort especially when in the middle of a very important discussion with your clients or staff members? That […]

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Why Dusting in the Office Regularly is Important

Cleaning lady dusting table

Dust is usually composed of components such as fabric fibres, dead skin cells, pet dander, dirt, small soil particles, dust mite excrement among others. Dusting is a necessary office chore for many reasons. Dust not only causes damage to your office furniture surfaces, but equally poses a variety of problems to your employees. Read More

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Why First Impressions With A Clean Office Is Important

office board room

For any business, there is a main office where employees, customers and various stakeholders can be found to associate their business with the company. An office is an environment where you hold meetings with business clients and associates. When a client sets foot into your office, what they see in the office is a direct […]

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6 Simple Tips to Maintain a Tidy Office Kitchen Bench

Kitchen area in corporate business cafeteria, Los Angeles

The office kitchen is often treated as a central hub in the office where employees can enter and leave at will, stretch their legs, take a cup of water and most importantly, prepare and eat lunch or any other meal there. Since it is a high traffic room, sometimes it can look cluttered and messy, […]

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The Truth About Germs at The Gym

close up shot of dumbells

It’s no question that every Australian loves the gym! After all, it is where all your fitness and weight loss goals can be accomplished. Some of the most modern fitness centres are huge attractions, thanks to the level of technology they boast. It is no secret that every one of us want to achieve our […]

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Why a Clean Child Care Centre is Very Important

child care centre

Keeping a child care facility clean is not only vital for their safety and health but their well-being as well. High touch surfaces and shared items can be huge sources of germs as well as for the spread of infections. On most occasions, child care facilities are filled with lots of items that aid the […]

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How To Pick The Right Carpet Rug For Your Commercial Space

carpet rug commercial space

Wondering how to pick the right carpet rug for your commercial space? Office carpets have evolved dramatically from what they used to be. Today, you can find them in several attractive colours and patterns others than the traditional grey and brown. There are many other factors that you need to consider when choosing a commercial […]

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6 Difficult Commercial Carpet Stains to Remove

empty meeting room

Having clean carpets can be inviting and cozy for guests, however keeping them fresh every day can be a challenging task for many people. Since these areas are prone to spills, outdoor dirt and grease, professional cleaning and maintenance is crucial to preserving their fibre, texture, and colour. While there are many stains that you […]

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6 Ways on How a Clean School Can Impact Student Success

student reading

The success of students in school is determined by several factors. It is not only the studies they undertake that determine whether they attain their goals or not. The environment in which the students learn in plays a major factor in the process. The school should be clean for students to be able to learn […]

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