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Commercial cleaners are vitally important in improving the appearance of the workplace, commercial or retail establishments and even industrial buildings. We are all aware that working in a safe and clean environment will not only benefit your employees’ health but it will also promote and motivate them.

By outsourcing your cleaning services to reliable commercial cleaners, it ensures the standards of cleanliness your establishment needs. In making sure your commercial space is in its optimal condition, commercial cleaners always look for fast and efficient tools.

Technology has significantly improved the way professional cleaners get the most demanding and challenging job done right away. So, do you want to know how professionals implement technology with their cleaning task? Read on to find out what type of technology commercial cleaners use in their cleaning routine.

Modern Technology and Commercial Cleaners

While the rest of the industry has embraced technology to their advantage for years now–the cleaning businesses have only begun adopting modern technology. And the innovations cleaning companies have embraced is data-driven tools based upon the Internet of Things and among other smart technologies.

Data-Driven Cleaning Tools

Data-driven cleaning tools are based on the Internet of Things where it embeds sensors and other software technologies to the physical objects. This technology has helped commercial cleaners work fast and efficiently by way of telling them that the soap dispenser, tissue or towel are empty.

Data-driven tools allow the manager to free up on small and tedious tasks, allowing them to focus more on the important task that requires manual care.

Time Management or Reporting Tools

This allows an easier way to track and manage the maintenance team especially if the commercial site is big. Time management tool allows you to view and know where your cleaners have spent their time on. 

They can simply open the tool and log their time and also it facilitates your cleaners better to do their job right away once they arrive at the facility. So, if you haven’t tried the time management tool yet for your cleaners, there are plenty of resources you can find from free to paid apps online.

Green Cleaning

Although green cleaning is no longer new to us all and as some might have thought that green cleaning is only a fad, but the answer is–no. Green cleaning is key to your company’s success as it promotes environmentally-friendly products, safe and high-quality cleaning services.

Furthermore, green cleaning is considered as one of the best innovations ever created as it puts the cleaners and the clients’ health and safety first with their green products.

Smart Innovations

There are various types of smart innovations available in the market that cleaning industries have embraced such as smart dispensers and among other smart technologies. These smart innovations have significantly eliminated small and tedious tasks from your cleaners, allowing them to focus on other major cleaning jobs.


Whether it’s new or the former–technology has greatly helped the cleaning industry with its smart innovations. Although some might find it a heavy investment over the traditional cleaning tools and equipment, the benefits are all worth it.

As a business owner, you understand how precious time is especially in the cleaning industry. And if you want your cleaners to focus more on the important task, don’t take these innovations lightly as it will not only promote productivity. But it also serves as a key to your success in managing your team efficiently and increases customer’s satisfaction. 

Excellent Commercial Cleaning Service Provider in Sydney

Evolve Cleaning is a team of expert commercial cleaners in Sydney that makes sure your company’s waste management efforts will not go to waste. We assure you that our professional cleaners can carry out every cleaning services you require from them fast and efficiently

Give us a call and let our professional cleaners handle the most challenging and demanding task around your establishment. With our experience and expertise–we assure you that all we have to leave in your place is an excellent customer experience.

Contact us today to ensure your office is clean and sanitised regularly. Discuss with our customer representative to know what type of cleaning services you need. We provide office cleaning services and other commercial cleaning services in Sydney. 

Evolve Cleaning value customer experience your satisfaction is paramount to us. You can depend on our professional cleaners to give you quality workmanship and stellar cleaning services in Sydney. Call us today!

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Jennifer Price

Jennifer Price

Jennifer Price is the Client Happiness Manager at Evolve Cleaning. She dedicates herself to managing healthy business relationships while prioritising her client's commercial cleaning interests are met with each and every clean. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, she lives and breathes cleanliness, hygiene, sustainability and has a huge love for dogs.