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An office is a place where most of an organization’s work is done. For work to be done properly, you need to create a conducive environment for the staff. Part of creating a conducive environment for staff is keeping pests away. Pest elimination is critical as it prevents numerous issues. One of the most common ones is food contamination illness. 

Pests are also known to bring allergies. In some cases, they are known to facilitate the co

Common Office Pests


  • Spiders


One of the most common signs that you have a bug-problem is the presence of spiders. This is because spiders are known to feed on other insects. Basically, if spiders are there, so are other pests because they co-exist together. Spiders are commonly found in dry and warm locations such as under desks or chairs. You will also find them in air vents and corners of the rooms.


  • Flies


Having flies move around the office is usually considered a normal thing. This is because windows are usually open, and these insects come in and out at various times. The problem now comes in when you come across a group of flies almost everywhere. You will most likely find them in areas with moist organic materials.  This is because that is where the adult flies prefer to lay their eggs.


  • Cockroaches


Cockroaches are also among one of the most common pests you will find in offices. They are known to occupy office break rooms. This is because that is where they get a steady supply of food and water. 


  • Bedbugs


Although not common, bedbugs can be a real menace in the office. Bedbugs have the ability to cling on to fabric/clothes and be carried from one place to another. Therefore, if you suddenly find bedbugs, someone may have brought them in. Once they find their way into the office, they start sucking people’s blood and multiplying. You will then find them crawling on furniture and cushions.


After identifying that you have pests in the office, the next step is eliminating them. There are many ways of doing so. Here are a few ways of getting rid of pests in the office.


  • Cleaning Every Part of the Office 


The presence of bugs may be a clear indication that the state of cleanliness is very wanting. This is because most pests love filthy areas, which are where they multiply. Therefore once you have noted their presence, clean the office thoroughly. To effectively clear out these pests, make sure that no place is left untouched. In essence, clean everywhere and everything.

Make sure that you clean the bathrooms. Scrub the bowl and sinks and wash the floor. Make sure that you clean and wash the air vents thoroughly. This is because that is where spiders love to stay, and flushing them out would help a lot. Clear out any cobwebs that may be in the corridors, rooms, and closets. Vacuum the carpets and mats. Mop the entire office’s floors with a disinfecting liquid. Do not forget to dust and disinfect horizontal surfaces on furniture.


  • Pest Exterminator


You can also get rid of pests by calling in an exterminator. An exterminator is a person whose occupation involves getting rid of pests. They mostly do this using various chemicals and equipment. To get rid of pests, for instance, they use pesticides. Pesticides are usually toxic to many pests and, therefore, once put in an office, most of them run away or die. 

Calling in an exterminator is one of the most efficient and effective ways of getting rid of pests.


Numerous pests can infect your office space. Spiders are among the top mentioned pests that attack offices. You may also find flies and cockroaches. Bedbugs are also known to infest offices. To eliminate pests, you need to clean every single part of the office. Mats, carpets, bathrooms, ceilings should all be cleaned. 

Another way of getting rid of pests is through an exterminator. Pests can be handled by skilled cleaners and exterminators from Evolve Cleaning. We know how to deal with various pest situations, and we do it exceptionally. You can give us a call on 02 8313 7035 and experience our impeccable services.

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