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Many things have changed over the last twenty years. One of the biggest contributor to these shifts is the advancement of technology. A fact is the environment is bound to change as human beings create better ways of doing things.

The shifts that have occurred in the last twenty years have greatly affected the office environment. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see guys who retired in the 90s completely out-of-place if they came back to the office today. So what exactly has changed? Below is a list of noteworthy office changes in the last twenty years.

1) Working Remotely

Not long ago, this was unimaginable. Currently, about 1/3 of workers operate from a remote station, which is mostly their homes. It is a trend that has seriously increased worker motivation and saved many companies the cost of running/ owning a physical office. With some industries, the internet has ensured that you can work from anywhere, full time.

2) The Office Desk

In the 90s, office desks were jump-packed with all sorts of materials and equipment. A typical desk would have items ranging from the phone book to the stapler, pens, the telephone, notepad, dictionary, scissors, etc. In as much as you might find some of the items above in an office today, most are missing thanks to technology. For example, Google has now made the dictionary, the phone book, paper folder, and diaries irrelevant.

3) Job Changes

Nowadays, employees don’t commit themselves to one job for a long period of time as seen in the past. Access to information and better communication technology has made it easy for anyone to search, apply, and land jobs. Thus, if an office doesn’t offer the best conditions for its employees, chances are many will not last. Twenty years ago, many would hold onto one job for a long time, no matter what the conditions were.

4) You Just Can’t Do or Say Anything

There is a new workforce breed in offices today. Also, so many there are now so many laws protecting employees from any kind discrimination against marital status, race, sexual orientation etc. Nowadays, it’s easy for you to land charges because if you do or say something that amounts to harassment. Consequently, the tolerance for different beliefs and behaviours has increased.

5) Different Styles and Looks

20 years ago, many offices had rules and regulations encompassing employee’s dress code and conduct. This is not the case anymore as many office places now tolerate tattoos, piercings, extreme hairstyles, fun-coloured hairstyles, etc. The emerging generation believes that your looks shouldn’t affect your employment prospect and are thus demanding a lot more tolerance. Still, many companies and industries maintain ethics as they were back in the day.

6) Shifts in Employee Working Life

Generally, there are various changes in the working arrangements that touch on many things including working hours. Earlier on, office hours were usually from 9 am to 5 pm while nowadays most offices stipulate that working time is from 8 am to 5 pm. It means that office hours have increased from 35 to 45 hours (per week). In other cases, workers are even required to work extra time depending on the project an office is handling. For example, employees in the construction industry can now work even on Sundays as the demand for buildings has increased drastically in the last couple of years.

7) Less paper

The digital age has brought about software that makes the use of paper unnecessary. 20 years ago, papers were necessary for any office as phones and computers were not available as they are today. Going digital is now easier than ever before. Many industries now use online technology, to communicate plus send, receive, and store documents. As a result, the need for paper has drastically reduced.

8) Better Waste Management

Despite the fact that many offices use less paper, office waste has greatly increased over the years. A large amount of waste comes from the increased purchase of things by employees. Additionally, more waste comes from the use of paper (some industries still excessively use this commodity), too many departmental acquisitions, poor project management etc. As a result, many offices are now adopting better waste management systems, which is something you would never see twenty years ago.

When it comes to the workplace, the adage – look to the past to predict the future, has never been more profound. Looking at all the changes that have occurred in the last twenty years, it is accurate to say that more shifts are coming. If you’re thinking of adopting a better waste management system like many other 21st Century offices, make sure to contact Evolve Cleaning.

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