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As a chef, maintaining a clean kitchen can be quite overwhelming, and probably one of the least favourite chores you have to deal with. Your niche is perhaps applying your creativity and expertise in culinary skills to satisfy your clients. However, cleaning is one of those frustrations you will always have to deal with. In addition to staying on the safe side with the concerned authorities, it maintains hygiene to ensure that the best standards are upheld for your clients.

How often should you clean your commercial kitchen?

There is no single answer to best answer this question. Considering the numerous equipment, utensils, and appliances used in a commercial kitchen, each needs to be cleaned with different frequency. Below is a quick guide on how often you should carry out your cleaning routine:

Daily routines

Before embarking on any tasks, you should ensure the following are cleaned to ensure smooth operations:

  • Switch the cutting boards
  • Empty the trash bins
  • Brush the grills before cooking any meat
  • Change the cleaning rags as well as the sanitising water

After working each shift, it is equally essential to maintain the cleanliness standards of the kitchen:

  • Brush the grill
  • The steam table should be cleaned
  • Used rags, aprons, and chef coats should be put in the laundry
  • Clean the meat and cheese slicer after use
  • Cover all bins
  • Kitchen floors should be moped
  • Clean the floor mats
  • Clean the fryers
  • Sweep the walk-in refrigerator
  • Sanitise all surfaces

Weekly routines

  • Degrease the faucet and sinks
  • Clean the oven; both inside and out while following the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid damage. This
  • helps prevent inset flavours from past foods.
  • Oil cast iron cookware to keep them from rusting
  • Clean the coffee machine
  • Sanitise and clean the walk-in coolers

Monthly routines

  • Clean the walls and ceiling
  • Clean behind the hotline to clear up the grease build-up. This is a major fire hazard and can be quite hard to clear up if left for long.
  • Clean and sanitise both the freezer and the ice machine. This helps avoid heavy freezing and bacterial issues.
  • Additional maintenance routines include: restocking the first aid kit, changing the pest traps, calibrating the ovens and thermometers, and sharpening the slicers.

Half-yearly routines

Your kitchen extract system should be cleaned professionally at least twice a year. Leaving it without proper cleaning could create a fire hazard and make it less efficient. Furthermore, with an inefficient exhaust system, the local health inspector will be more than happy to shut you down temporarily.

In high volume fuel cooking operations, your exhaust system should be cleaned every month.

Annual routines

To ensure smooth operations, you should schedule these during your low seasons. This ensures that you are not out of business for long in case any repairs are needed. It is vital to involve a professional in these tasks to ensure cleanliness and safety in your kitchen:

  • Cleaning the pilot lights on gas kitchen equipment. Be keen to follow the manufacturer’s instructions while at it.
  • Checking both the fire suppress systems and fire extinguishers

The benefits of having a clean kitchen cannot be overlooked. Not only is it pleasant to work in a clean environment, but also motivating for you and your employees. Additionally, it ensures that your food is prepared in a hygienic environment keeping it safe for both you and your clients. Less food spoilage, less contamination, and happy clients translate to more profits for you.

To determine how often your hood should be cleaned, it is essential to involve a professional cleaning company. At Evolve Cleaning, we are equipped with highly trained professionals who offer customised solutions for all your commercial kitchen cleaning needs. Our highly experienced staff are well versed with the various equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products to assure you of a safe and immaculate kitchen.

Contact us today for customised commercial cleaning services. We will ensure you are not only on the safe side of the law but also in a healthy and safe environment for both your staff and clients.

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Jennifer Price

Jennifer Price

Jennifer Price is the Client Happiness Manager at Evolve Cleaning. She dedicates herself to managing healthy business relationships while prioritising her client's commercial cleaning interests are met with each and every clean. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, she lives and breathes cleanliness, hygiene, sustainability and has a huge love for dogs.