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Strata buildings are growing in popularity because they are an effective way of providing commercial space and urban housing. Strata buildings enable people to share some common spaces such as lobbies, car parks, lifts, garbage bins and rooms, staircases, fire exits, entranceways, among others. They are cost effective compared to domestic buildings because they allow people to share cost especially when it comes to maintaining common or shared areas. Cleaning a strata building requires a specialist strata cleaner and not the normal usual domestic cleaner. Below are the main differences between strata cleaning and domestic cleaning that will help you to choose the right cleaning company to clean either your strata or domestic home.

Special Cleaning Equipment

Strata buildings are bigger than an average domestic home. Therefore, to clean a strata building, you will need special equipment, to help you reach the high windows or corners, which you may not necessarily need when cleaning a domestic home. Strata buildings have delicate surfaces and hard to reach areas that can only be cleaned with tools specifically created for strata cleaning. To keep the gutters and the windows clean in a strata building, there are delicate vacuums that are built to make cleaning easier and leave the spaces sparkling clean.

Health and Safety Issues

It is very easy to clean a domestic home and to maintain a germ, dust and allergen-free environment. This is because a domestic home has, most likely one family living in it. However, a strata building has several people from diverse communities and from different families living in the building. This increases the chances of spreading germs and bacteria in the building. If the common areas are not properly cleaned and not given the special care they need, they may act as germs and bacteria breeding sites leading to a spread of diseases and germs in the building. Strata cleaning therefore, needs extra and thorough cleaning in the common facilities such as, lobbies, lifts, windows, staircases and car parks to ensure they are not only clean but also are not potential health hazards.

Cleaning Products

When cleaning a domestic home, all you need to know is what the occupants of the home are allergic to. This will inform the type of cleaning products you use to clean the house. On the other hand, a strata building has more than one family living in the building. What is safe for one family may cause allergic reactions to another. Therefore, strata cleaning will require special cleaning products that are safe to all the residents. These products should also be able to kill all disease causing organisms and also create a healthier environment in the strata.

Skills and Staff Training

Strata cleaning requires special equipment and skills to clean. Staff who are involved in strata cleaning are given a specialised training to equip them with skills they need to maintain and clean a strata building. These staff are trained on how to clean the common areas thoroughly, how to use the strata cleaning equipment and how to choose cleaning products that are safe and promote a healthy environment. They are also trained on how to be cautious while cleaning in order to avoid accidents or injuries while on the job. Domestic cleaning on the other hand, does not require any extra training or skills for the cleaner.

Specialised Spaces

Domestic cleaning requires one to clean individual units. However, strata cleaning requires main focus on common and shared areas including; entranceways, lobbies, lifts, garbage rooms, windows, fire escapes, staircases and car parks, to keep them looking clean and not potential health hazards. Cleaning a strata building will also require more people compared to domestic cleaning, to ensure the spaces are cleaned efficiently and fast.

Domestic cleaning is vastly different from strata building. Do not expect your domestic cleaners to clean your strata building well without extra training and skills. If you are looking for someone to help you maintain your strata building cleaning, contact us at Evolving Cleaning. With over three decades of experience, well trained staff and enough cleaning equipment, we will help you to keep your strata buildings sparkling clean and to promote a healthier environment.

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Jennifer Price

Jennifer Price

Jennifer Price is the Client Happiness Manager at Evolve Cleaning. She dedicates herself to managing healthy business relationships while prioritising her client's commercial cleaning interests are met with each and every clean. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, she lives and breathes cleanliness, hygiene, sustainability and has a huge love for dogs.