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Thinking about cleaning can be stressful, but when it comes to having a neat and tidy workspace there are actually a number of benefits for the whole organisation. Let’s look at how your office can benefit, and make some suggestions as to how to achieve a perfectly organised and tidy office space.

1. Cleaning and decluttering can actually inspire confidence

We spend so much of our day in the office that it’s bound to have an impact on the way we feel. A cluttered space can subconsciously and even consciously communicate more pessimistic attitudes. Exposed to this every day, it’s hard to avoid those sinking feelings around the workplace.

Similarly, first impressions last. How do you imagine clients and visitors feel walking into a clean, tidy office versus one cluttered with boxes, cords, paper and old equipment? The answer is obvious.

2. Less mess equals less stress

It doesn’t matter if it’s the home office or somewhere in between, mess is a cause of stress. Whether it’s trying to find a report amid a clutter of unfiled papers on your desk, to digging through boxes of old and broken keyboards looking for one that works, these pain points can make life in the office more stressful than it needs to be.

Even the little things like dusty surfaces, poorly labelled files and walkways littered with boxes or other detritus can create discomfort. On the other hand, a clean workplace with ordered surfaces and properly labelled filing can actually help de-stress your work day, by making things simpler and easy to find.

3. Clean work environments are safer

A clean work environment is one with less accidents, illness and risk of danger. With safety a top priority for both staff and visitors, maintaining a regular cleaning program can be the perfect tool to reduce accidents and injury, reducing trip hazards and potential for accidental nicks and cuts around the kitchen.

4. Pests love mess

Anything from crumbs on the kitchen counter to food and empty wrappers disposed of at desk bins can attract cockroaches, rats and other nasty critters. Keep the pests at bay by providing dedicated bins for food waste, and make sure food preparation areas are regularly cleaned. It might be worth trying a cleaning roster for kitchen duties, so that on each day of the week a particular staff member is responsible for making sure the kitchen and common areas remain clean and tidy.

5. Everything in its place

Like all great tradesmen know, there’s a place for every tool in the shed. Similarly, your desk and workspace will function better with a dedicated space for everything you need. Post it notes, coffee mugs, files, folders and stationery should all have a place to live. A neat, orderly space promotes productivity through ease to use and a balanced approach to work and living.

6. Less staff sick days

If frequent sick days are affecting your team’s productivity, an office clean could be the answer. Germs can be anywhere, especially in busy workplaces where things like food debris or poorly functioning air conditioning can spread illness. Once a few staff members fall ill it can be hard to recover, especially if they spread it around the office. Take the initiative with a regular office clean, have hand sanitisers at each desk, and keep those bugs away during flu season and beyond.

7. Protect your equipment and furnishings.

Tools that are kept clean last longer. This can extend to anything from computer equipment to factory machinery. Tiles and carpets also look better for longer when they are regularly cleaned, while stains to office furniture needn’t be an issue if they are tackled early.

8. Find things faster

It’s easier to find things in a clean and tidy office environment:

  • Ever wondered what happened to your favourite stapler?
  • Is any of the staff kitchenware missing or in the wrong cupboards?
  • Has someone moved the printer paper to make way for boxes of junk and now you have to go use a printer even further away to get things done?

These everyday hassles can all be avoiding by keeping your workplace clean and tidy, with everything in it’s place.

How to keep your workplace clean

It’s one thing to wish for a cleaner office, but it’s another to actually make it happen. Here are a few tips for getting started. Start with a little, day by day, and soon you’ll have the habits for making your workspace a clean and tidy success:

1. Create a to do list

To do lists are great for breaking down big cleaning jobs into smaller tasks that are easier to approach. Often when we look at cleaning we tend to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work that needs to be done and simply avoid it, unable to take action. A to do list lets you work through each task and check it off the list, gaining the satisfaction of completing the next step in the project.

2. Make cleaning a habit

Small things like emptying your bin, taking dishes and glassware to the kitchen dishwater, and regularly wiping down your computer, monitors and desk are all easy tasks that can become habits with regular application.

3. Hire an awesome cleaning crew

Nothing beats showing up to a clean office in the morning. Talk to Evolve Cleaning about how they can help make your office sparkle every day.

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