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Our lives just keep getting busier, to the point where staying organised at both home and work can seem like a permanent uphill battle. Fortunately, there’s a number of smartphone apps and web services to help you take control of your schedule. We’ve rounded up our favourite tools for staying organised at home and at work.

1. Evernote


One of the first apps on the scene when it comes to managing notes, clips, links and more. Evernote has evolved into a robust, well designed and feature rich application for dedicated organisers. Featuring a web client as well as mobile apps, there’s even business pricing for teams and organisations.

Useful both around the home and at the office,  Evernote boasts millions of users, easy information capture and a flexible approach to storing information, setting tasks, scheduling and organising your day.

Cost: Free with several paid tiers for extra features.

2. OurHome


Organise the family home or your share house with OurHome, an intuitive mobile app that helps you organise tasks and schedules around the house. Features include a shared grocery list, calendar, a point system to keep kids (or adults) motivated, and smart scheduling with repeatable tasks. It’s built from the ground up around home management, making it a little easier to start using than many other generic scheduling and organising apps.

Cost: Free

3. Google Drive / DropBox


Keep all your documents, schedules and spreadsheets organised with DropBox or Google Drive. Cloud hosted storage can be used for many things, from sharing business documents through the web to collaborating on to do lists and setting up schedules for cleaning house. It doesn’t matter which platform you use, as both are pretty accessible. Google Drive does have the added advantage of working well with Sheets and Docs, so keep that in mind when trialling out both products.

Cost: Free

4. CoSchedule


CoSchedule is a feature rich content management and marketing calendar for small teams and businesses including:

  • Inbound Marketing Hub
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Blog and Content coordination
  • Shared Marketing Calendar
  • Project Management

It’s ideal for keeping your production schedules organised. It has a robust, clean interface and is used by some of the world’s biggest brands, including Microsoft and Discovery Education. There’s also tools for automating publishing and content posting. If your business is serious about an integrated approach to marketing and content management, CoSchedule should definitely be on your radar.

Cost: Starts at $30 a month with a range of packages up to $1600.

5. Google Keep


Love pit-it notes, to do lists and colour coding? Keep has you covered. This super simple application from the folks at Google acts like a set of virtual post it notes, letting you make checklists, schedule them to your reminders, share them with friends and even use colours to organise your thoughts. Simple, effective, and perfect if you’re a fan of other Google services. Keep is a surprisingly powerful tool that can help you organise both work and home all in one app.

Cost: Free

6. Procrasterapp


Procrasterapp is a nifty and unique app that’s only available for iPhone. So if you’re an Apple fan who finds yourself procrastinating on their goals, Procrasterapp could be the solution for you. It works by helping you overcome blocks to action through a series of prompts like:

  • “My task is too big”
  • “I don’t know where to start”
  • “I have to finish”
  • “I have to be perfect”

After selecting the prompt that most suits your dilemma, Procrasterapp will provide a series of support notes and steps to take in order to help you overcome your workflow block. You can also manage projects, track stats, and save everything in the cloud. Handy when you need it, and unobtrusive when you don’t.

Cost: Free

7. Unfilth Your Habitat


This app may have a funny name, but there’s no denying it’s potential to gamify your organised life. UYH makes tasks fun, chores simple and helps keep your schedule honest.

It also lets you make lists, schedule in breaks, track how long it takes to complete tasks and, perhaps most importantly, assign points to tasks so you can keep track of just how well you’re doing. Ideal for procrastinators or people who struggle with motivation, it’s also useful for anyone who likes self tracking and monitoring. Think FitBit for cleaning, errands and chores.

Cost: $0.99

8. Tody


Tody is a room by room scheduler available on iPhone. The initial setup suggests a series of common sense intervals for cleaning parts of your house, as well as specific items like pillows, bookshelves or even changing the Roomba filter.

Tody then generates a colour-based, daily to do list with red, yellow and green warning indicators for how long you’ve got until the next clean is due. It’s neat, clean and simple, just like you want it to be.

You can also create custom tasks as you need, but there’s no extra features to distract you from doing what we need to do. And if you want to involve the whole family, there’s a family sharing plan for a little extra money.

Cost: $5.99

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