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The office kitchen is often treated as a central hub in the office where employees can enter and leave at will, stretch their legs, take a cup of water and most importantly, prepare and eat lunch or any other meal there. Since it is a high traffic room, sometimes it can look cluttered and messy, especially at the end of the day.

But one of the most affected sections of the office kitchen is the benchtop. If you are worried about how to keep it tidy, we are here for you as a leading commercial cleaning company in Australia to provide you with superior cleaning tips and service. With that being said, we shall guide you accordingly on how you can possibly make sure that your office kitchen bench stays clean and uncluttered despite being used by nearly everyone around the office premises.

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1) Remember to Keep the Office Bench Clean at all times

Keep in mind that you are one of those who constantly uses the kitchen bench and if everyone leaves a little mess, you would end with something that even you would not want to face. Take drastic measures immediately after using the bench by collecting all the trash left there to dispose of immediately. Then you can proceed with cleaning the entire bench starting by wiping up any spills, using the right detergent and materials to clean the top part of the bench and then leave it to dry.

Having a clean office kitchen has proven to increase employee productivity around the office. This is just one of many benefits that a clean office can have on the employees.

2) Observe the Office Kitchen Etiquette

A little courtesy is a significant factor to consider when keeping the office kitchen clean and tidy including the bench. Through team-work, you can all agree on the best kitchen etiquette to follow in order to keep the entire environment in the kitchen clean and tidy immediately after using the office kitchen.

3) Provide Trash Cans in the Kitchen

Placing a trash can at a strategic location will make it easier for everyone to dispose of any garbage left on the table or the bench. Just find a better way to store the trash can so that it becomes easily accessible by anyone using the kitchen.

4) Leave Every Appliance at its Proper Place after Use

Any kitchen appliance or utensil used needs to be taken back to its proper place and not just leaving it on the bench. Check properly to ensure that you did not leave anything on the bench not only to keep it tidy but also to make it easy for everyone to retrieve any item when needed.

5) Let Everyone Observe Good Table Manners

You can lead by example and use the table to place your food rather than using the bench. Also, avoid spilling food and drinks all over including the kitchen bench and if it happens by accident, take the initiative of cleaning any spillage immediately.

6) Set Some Rules

If there are no rules to guide everyone on the proper use of every item in the kitchen, you can take that opportunity to prepare a list and post at a strategic place in the kitchen for everyone to read and follow.

When there is cooperation among all the staff members, it is really helpful in minimising clutter and mess in the office kitchen. However, we do not live in a perfect world and there will always be employees that will refuse to clean up after themselves, even in a shared kitchen space.

There is where Evolve Cleaning can step in to help you unclutter and maintain your office kitchen. We know the feeling of having an organised office bench and have over 30 years of industry experience to prove it.

The cleaning experts from Evolve Cleaning can provide you with a free quote today to get you started over the phone on 8313 7035.

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