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You might think that you do not have the time to organise your workspace but if you knew how much time and money being unorganised can cost you, you would reconsider that. At Evolve Cleaning, we believe that the task of organising your office should not be hard and should take less time. Use the following tips and tricks to get your office in order and allow for better productivity.

1) Get rid of the papers you do not need

Most people allow papers to pile up in their offices. To get control of that clutter before it takes much of your space, shred/toss what you do not need, file or take the right action.

2) Remember to colour code your filing system

A good filing system will indicate that your office space is functional. Use various colours like green, red, orange and black to differentiate your documents. For example, you can use a green file for the financial documents and orange for the financial ones.

3) Make a mail station

To control the number of papers entering your office, create a good mail station. Create a folder for all the coming and outgoing mails, bills, mails to file and for all family members. File documents as they come in. Go through each folder every week.

4) Create a good printing station

Designate a small space for the print work and the printer supplies. If your office printer is wireless, it does not have to be on your desk. Place it in a cabinet or in any other place as a way of creating more space for other activities.

5) Store supplies in containers

Place your supplies in drawers, containers, bins and baskets. When the items are out of sight, your office will look decluttered.

6) Use a label maker

Invest in a quality label maker and create a label for every file, drawer and box for easier organisation of the office. That way, you will know where to find something if someone needs it.

7) Categorise items

Organise your office space into various categories and place all the like items together. That way your office will become more functional. A quick example, you will just need to check the mail drawer to get stamps. Have several categories such as writing tools, mail, labelling, budget and stickies.

8) Organise the books

Organise your books by colour, genre or size – that will depend on your preferences. By choosing to organise them according to the colour, you will also make a beautiful design element and make the space clutter-free.

9) Make a life binder

Organise your most important papers in a binder for easier grab-and-go during emergencies. For instance, in case of a medical emergency, you will easily reach the medical binder and get the information you need instantly.

10) Use your wall space

Most people miss this step. Use the wall space to hang all your filing systems, whiteboards, calendars, shelves and similar things. By going vertical, you will identify more and more space.

11) Gather and redistribute

Gather up all the items that are not where they belong and put them where they should be. That is an important step to decluttering your office. Remove everything and leave only what you need.

12) Establish a good working zone

Divide your office and decide on the activities that should take place in every section. Establish the primary workspace, the reference area and the supply area. Keep everything where it should be.

13) Put your essentials at closer proximity

Position the supplies and equipment that you use more often within reach. Anything that you rarely use should be inside the drawer.

14) Keep the office desk clean

Ensure that your desktop looks the best. Use containers or organisers to organise your essential items on the desk. Use containers for small items like pens and trays for the papers. Do not forget about your computer desktop.

15) Organise the drawers

Put the items you rarely use in the drawer. They include sticky pads, envelopes, and notebooks. Choose drawer organisers for the little items like tacks and paper clips. Use a separate drawer for all your personal items.

16) Sort mails

Do not pile your mail together and plan to sort them out later. Instead, pick out every piece that you need immediately you get it. Read it, file it, take the action or delegate it to your staff.

17) Assign the discard dates

There is no need for keeping pieces of paper that you do not need for a lifetime. Mark the documents or files that you can shred or discard in the future and set the date for doing that. Some financial and legal documents have to be kept for a specific length of time. Make sure that you are conversant with all the requirements.

18) Straighten the desk

Before you leave the office in the evening, try to do a fast straightening. That way you will have a cleaner start on the following day.

19) Filter the mails

You should the mails to read and the ones to leave. By establishing a filter system, you will be able to label mails according to their importance. You also know their priority and the ones to reply first.

20) Use files trays and wrap organisers

Use Scandinavian Modern file totes with handles to hold your files for easier access. You can also use ice-cube trays as the desk-drawer organisers and use a vintage tray to hold items like scissors, post-it notes and stapler.

The team at Evolve Cleaning can assist with your office cleaning and organising. We have over 30 years of professional experience to tailor our services according to your cleaning needs. We know what it takes to make an office space looking fresh and productive. Call us for commercial cleaning experts in the field on (02) 8313 7035.

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Jennifer Price

Jennifer Price

Jennifer Price is the Client Happiness Manager at Evolve Cleaning. She dedicates herself to managing healthy business relationships while prioritising her client's commercial cleaning interests are met with each and every clean. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, she lives and breathes cleanliness, hygiene, sustainability and has a huge love for dogs.