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Keeping your home sparkling clean can be a monumental task, but there are plenty of nifty things you can do to save time and money while doing the household chores. Follow these simple tips to keep every room in the house looking tip top all year around.

1. Keep an all purpose cleaner on hand

While there are many types of household materials that benefit from a specific cleaning product, an all purpose cleaner lets you spot clean on the go without needing a collection of sprays and polishes. If the in-laws are on their way over and you don’t have time for anything more than a quick wipe down, an all purpose cleaner is just the ticket.

2. Recipe for success

All purpose cleaners needn’t be expensive either. Here’s a simple recipe for a dollar friendly, do-it-yourself,all purpose mixture:

  • 4 tablespoons of baking powder.
  • One litre warm water.

Stir thoroughly and use with a sponge to wipe down appliances, kitchen bench tops and in and around the refrigerator.

3. Clean the dishwasher

Dishwashers are supposed to keep our plates and glassware sparkling clean, but they can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs if you don’t disinfect and clean them regularly.

Once a week, take some baking soda and apply it to a damp sponge. Wipe it around the edges of the dishwasher to ensure it remains thoroughly clean. You can also run a cycle on empty with a high grade dishwasher cleaner to kill off any germs hiding in the racks.

4. Keep sports smells from fouling up the household

Being active is great for your health, but activewear isn’t so great smelling after you’ve worn it through a whole class of Zumba. Extinguish sweaty smells from the home by sprinkling baking powder in your sneakers and sports bag. The powder will soak up oils and remove the odour practically overnight.

5. Line your oven

Purchase a non-stick oven liner and lay it at the bottom of your oven. You can wipe it down with a cloth and it can be removed and placed in the dishwasher (or washed by hand) when you’re done. Oven liners make the chore of keeping your oven clean much easier.

6. Tequila-ize your waste disposal

Ok don’t actually put tequila down your waste disposal, but if your want to get rid of odours, send some cut lemon, a healthy dash of salt and a handful of ice cubes down there. The lemon will fight the odor while the ice and salt will sanitise. Voila!

7. Clean away the kids’ markers from wood floors

Kids have wild imaginations, but their creativity doesn’t stop on the page. Fortunately there’s a ready made solution in every household for markers on wooden floors. Turns out toothpaste doesn’t just keep your teeth clean. Apply some next time your kids colour outside the lines and say goodbye to those stains.

8. Picking up pet hair

We love our furry friends but they’re not exactly great at cleaning up after themselves. There’s a handy trick to picking up cat and dog hair without getting out the vacuum. Grab a pair of rubber gloves and wet them, then dab them on the furniture or carpet and watch as your pet’s hair magically sticks to them!

9. Soak while you eat

This simply trick is a handy time saver when it comes to doing the dishes. Before sitting down to your meal, fill the sink with warm, soapy water and place your pots and pans in there. That way they’ll soak while you eat, rather than dry and harden on the stove top.

10. Clean the dirtiest areas last

This applies for just about any room in the house. If you’re cleaning the kitchen, start next to the stove and work your way around, so you finish there. Typically, stovetops are where you’d find the most grease and grime, so it’s better to start on those less grimy places first. When sink washing dishes, always start with glassware to avoid getting grease stains on them.

11. Clean your kitchen sink thoroughly

Water buildup and food waste can be a breeding ground for mould and bacteria. Fortunately, you can clean and disinfect your sink using a couple of simple household liquids. First spray a mist of vinegar around the sink followed by a mist of hydrogen peroxide (don’t mix them). Let the solution air dry and then wipe down. Too easy!

12. Keep your glass doors spotless

This handy tip is great for glass doors in the bathroom especially. Apply a few drops of lemon oil on glass doors and rub it around with a soft cloth. Do this once a month and it will cause water to bead and roll off the glass,

13. Stainless steel sparkle

If you have a stainless steel sink or taps you can keep them looking steely and sparkling by applying a few drops of mineral oil onto a soft cloth and giving it a nice buff and polish. The mineral oil will also help prevent water build up.

Follow these handy tips to stay on top of your general household cleaning and prevent excessive buildup of dirt and grime around the home. Keep in mind that a comprehensive, professional clean is necessary every so often to keep your home healthy and bacteria free. Evolve Cleaning are the professionals to call for your next domestic clean.

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