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The office kitchen is an important space for every office. People gather here to make a cup of coffee, tea or grab a bite which serves as a break from their busy schedule. Many offices have a shared kitchen which means most of the time they share utensils and crockery.

On the other hand, most of these kitchens do not have a regular cleaning service. Cleaning on kitchen surfaces and utensils are done occasionally using sponges and cleaning products that may silently be harbouring germs and bacteria. Some of these bacteria can lead to food poisoning and spread infections such as a cold.

Here are ten surprising facts about the office kitchen that you should be aware of.

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1) Surfaces and Bacteria

Office desks are breeding sites for bacteria, when was the last time you disinfected your desk, phone or keyboard? We use our machines and phones then walk to the office kitchen and touch the surface with hands that are contaminated. To avoid spreading bacteria, surfaces in the office kitchen should be wiped often with a disinfectant and a clean cloth to prevent the spread of diseases.

2) Clutter

Some offices do not have stores and since people do not want to leave items they do not need on their office desk, they place them in the office kitchen. These items include umbrellas, change of shoes, jackets and bags, just to mention a few. Clutter in the kitchen will not only leave the kitchen looking untidy but also create a habitat for rodents to live in.

3) Shared Office Utensils

Most of the shared utensils are not cleaned properly. They are cleaned using a sponge that carries bacteria because it is not aired or rinsed well. Therefore, when utensils are cleaned, they are only smeared with more bacteria.

4) The Dirty Fridge

Most companies do not have rules and regulations on how the fridge should be used in the office. Therefore, people carry food to work then forget, leaving it in the fridge. This can lead to food contamination and food poisoning. Bad food in the fridge can also cause bad odour in the office.

5) Kitchen Towels and Sponges

Most of the office kitchen towels are not cleaned regularly as they should, but once they are cleaned, they are not put out to dry and get aired. In addition, some people use the kitchen towels designated for utensils only to wipe their hands. This can lead to the spread of disease in the office.

6) Office Bin

Don’t be surprised to see pests and rodents in the office kitchen. If office bins are not emptied and replaced, there’s no doubt that insects and rodents will detect the smell. Food remains are often left in the office bins for days, making them rot and desirable for pests. This is because the office bins are not emptied as often as they should.

7) Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink should only be used to clean dishes. However, some people misuse the sink by washing their hands after visiting the toilets or cleaning other items that should never be washed in a kitchen sink. Some people also rinse their mouth and spit in the kitchen sink. This is unhygienic and every office should ensure there is a separate sink for other tasks. The kitchen sink should be kept clean and disinfected.

8) Clean Floor

Everyone is busy in the office. This makes it hard to realise there are coffee and tea spills on the floor. The floor may end up being sticky and unpleasant.

9) Microwave Rules

Warming certain food in the microwave lead to unpleasant smell in the kitchen. Food like fish can result in a day of pungent smells in the office. The office kitchen should have rules to inform the employees what is allowed in the microwave to keep the kitchen smelling reasonably pleasant.

10) Poor Storage

To prevent a chaotic office kitchen, consider having shelves that are clearly labelled so that people may know where to place food items, utensils and any other item stored in the office kitchen.

Since everyone in the office is busy working to ensure the company excels, there is limited time to check the general cleanliness of the office kitchen. If this is the case in your office, consider Evolve Cleaning Company that offers cleaning services to businesses to ensure there is a clean, fresh and pleasant environment for all staff and business. Our commercial cleaning Sydney team boasts more than 23 years of cleaning experience and can provide a customised program for your office space.

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