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Bathroom Mould: What Causes it & How to Prevent it

bathroom sinks

Moulds are one of the most common problems in most bathrooms. However, it is also the easiest to prevent and control as long as it is noted and controlled early. If you think there are no moulds, then check in the hidden areas of your bathroom, under the sink and crevices. Moulds develop easily in […]

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Why You Need Deep Cleaning Services Now More Than Ever

Keyboard deep cleaning

The physical appearance of your building is a reflection of what you are as a business entity. For this reason, you need to invest in regular cleaning to make sure that your commercial establishment is clean at all times. Apart from standard cleaning, your establishment also needs deep cleaning once in a while. This could […]

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Why the Covid-19 Pandemic Will Lead to a Boom in the Cleaning Industry

Man wearing a respiratory mask, holding the Coronavirus Covid-19 sign

The Covid-19 outbreak changed the world in unimaginable ways. Because of the threat of the coronavirus to human health and life, the government had to impose a nationwide lockdown to control and stop the spread of the virus. Accordingly, people were not allowed to leave their homes and carry on with their normal day-to-day activities.  […]

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10 of the Dirtiest Places in a Restaurant

Empty Kitchen In Restaurant

Aside from expecting good food, everyone who eats in a restaurant and food diner also looks forward to clean food as well as a clean eating place where they can enjoy their meal. Indeed, cleanliness is a core value that every food place should uphold. Making sure that your restaurant is clean and tidy is […]

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Consumer Guide to Commercial Cleaning Services

Professional Cleaning Services. Basket With Household Supplies In Hands

It’s easy to decide to just hire a professional cleaning company for your commercial establishment. After all, they have mastered the cleaning processes and techniques that will guarantee your place to become immaculate in no time.  However, before you jump into booking your appointment, you have to understand that not all cleaning services and providers […]

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Types of Wood Floors and How to Clean Them Like a Pro

wood floor

A clean and tidy environment is essential in any commercial establishment as people come in and out of your place. However, there are certain materials around your place that require careful attention when it comes to cleaning such as wood floors. Whether it’s a residential or commercial place, floors take a significant amount of foot […]

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How to Clean Your Carpet Like a Pro

Close up of vacuuming a carpet

Carpets offer a warm and enticing sight due to their colours, patterns and texture especially if it’s the first thing that greets you upon entering a commercial building. But, a dirty and stained carpet in any commercial or office establishment negatively impacts the company’s image. Besides compromising the potential client’s initial impression on how you […]

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Modern Commercial Cleaning Technology

Wireless robot vacuum cleaner working on the floor

Commercial cleaners are vitally important in improving the appearance of the workplace, commercial or retail establishments and even industrial buildings. We are all aware that working in a safe and clean environment will not only benefit your employees’ health but it will also promote and motivate them. By outsourcing your cleaning services to reliable commercial […]

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How Commercial Cleaners Practise Effective Waste Management

Waste Sorting at Home

Commercial cleaners play a significant role in keeping your company and other commercial establishments in their high standards of cleanliness every day.  However, besides the daily cleaning services they provide, they also play a crucial role in waste management. Waste management is as important as thorough day-to-day cleaning tasks for commercial cleaners. We completely understand […]

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Legal and Accounting Office Cleaning Guide

a clean and organised office

Take a thorough scan of your legal and accounting office. Is it overwhelmed with too much paperwork and clutter? An unorganised workplace negatively affects employees’ productivity and repels clients from working with you. Why would they entrust their hard-earned money if you cannot even handle your own messy place, right? Let’s stop pretending that we […]

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