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Tips in Keeping Your Floor Tiles Clean

cleaning tile floor

Cleaning your tile floors is fairly economical compared to other types of flooring. Mostly, all you need in keeping your tile floors clean and shiny is warm water, detergent soap or other cleaning products don’t forget to combine it with a mop or rag. Mop or vacuum your tile floors at least twice a week […]

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Tips in Keeping Your Bathroom Sparkly Clean

newly cleaned bathroom

We all know how important it is to keep our bathroom clean and tidy for the hygiene of the entire household. From your home, your workplace, or to any commercial spaces the bathroom, powder room and even washroom is the most heavily used and wet area all throughout the day.  Cleaning our bathroom is a […]

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How Often Should You Do General Cleaning in Your Home?

happy middle aged housewife doing general house cleaning

Cleaning your house takes a lot of work. From tackling every nook and cranny, sometimes it just feels like you’re on a full-time job. Household chores are often overwhelming and a source of your headache especially with a busy schedule at work, maintaining relationships and hobbies to enjoy during your free time.  Read More

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5 Areas in Your Office Where Viruses and Bacteria Thrive

office interior

Offices always illuminate the vibe of purity and productivity. After all, these are spaces where you get your work done. These are spaces designed to entice productivity. It’s hard to imagine it as some sort of place that can be a source of micro danger to your health. However, offices are often spaces where viruses […]

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What Are Pathogens and How to Keep Them Away From Your Office

conference room in an office

As much as people want to rule the world, there are other organisms that share this habitual space with us. Living things, both big and micro small, compete with humanity every day to live and survive. There are micro-organisms that do so and not all of them cohabit the environment with us peacefully. There are […]

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Essential Health and Hygiene Practices to Keep COVID-19 Away

Washing hands rubbing with soap for corona virus prevention

Truly, we all live in challenging times. The human race is under the threat and mercy of a pathogen that can literally wipe millions of people away. The Coronavirus pandemic began before this decade started and right now, everybody is under the radar of society norms. A single cough can spell disaster. Physical contact may […]

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Cleaning Solutions You must Have to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus

Woman cleaning and polishing the kitchen worktop with a spray detergent

We are all called to take safety precautions and good hygiene habits as much as we can. However, we can’t do it without the aid of some products that ultimately puts a demise on the Novel Coronavirus. Many disinfecting products and cleaning solutions are being made as available to the public as possible. Cleaning yourself […]

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Office Cleaning Tips: Areas That Absolutely Need to Be Regularly Cleaned

Public building waiting area. Hospital interior detail. Nobody. Horizontal

When work calls, your office is something you spend the majority of your time in. May it be serving your work from 9 to 5, or staying a bit more for your overtime to catch on some last-minute productivity, your office can sometimes turn into that one place you definitely stay in more than your […]

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Club Cleaning: Benefits of Teaming Up with Cleaning Companies

modern bright empty office or living room interior with big windows and stairs

Club cleaning can be one of the most tedious tasks. Imagine all the unimaginable mess as an aftermath of a crazy night out. Any of these scenarios could greet your local pub owners the day after: Floors and tables look really sticky and slimy Carpets are filled with both known and unknown particles Read More

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Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

cleaning machine mopping on floor

There are different kinds of cleaning services available to everybody for various locations and settings. Each one has its own set of specifications and expectations tailor-fitted to the kind of service. Commercial cleaning often involves cleaning services for commercial spaces or properties like office spaces, restaurants, shops, retail outlets, and many more. Read More

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